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What Does a Junior Digital & Social Media Buyer Do?

Ever since I started my role as a Jr. Digital and Social Media Buyer with Left Hand Agency I’ve been barraged with questions on what my job title even means.

Have you ever seen an ad on social media or a streaming service? Do you ever wonder how that ad got placed on your screen? Someone put it there purposefully, and that person is me! But my role goes beyond a few clicks on the computer.

Here is a snapshot of day in the life of a Jr. Digital and Social Media Buyer, aka me!


When I log on in the morning I check in on any campaigns that are currently running. One of our biggest tasks with digital media buying is to make sure our ads are delivering properly in order to hit our clients’ goals. A large part of my day consists of optimizing various elements of a campaign, including: bids, budgets, dayparting, and creatives.

Social Scrolling

After I make sure things are running smoothly, I can jump right into scrolling through my social media feed for the top stories of the day. Yes, you read that right. With my background in television news production– and just being a self-proclaimed news nerd in general– I’m thankful to be able to collaborate with clients on advertising content. Following our clients’ topical posts on their social media allows me to find opportunities for ads that would best suit their goals.

Communicating with Clients

For the rest of the day, I’m in close communication with our clients. Part of my job as the content lead for our digital team is to hone in on our clients’ audience needs. I ask and answer social media advertising strategy questions such as: who is our audience and why will they find this ad important? Is it interesting enough to engage with? What can we do better next time to increase views or engagement?

You can also bet I’m planning meetings with our clients on a regular basis to talk through those questions. This allows me to share our strategic processes and analyze campaign data in real-time. I also use this time to go over policies and restrictions on the platforms we advertise on. It helps our team choose and negotiate the proper channels to buy ads on.

Wrapping Up

Toward the end of my day, I’m doing final check-ins. I go over my daily budgets and campaign goals and compare that to a campaign’s full work-day performance on the platforms they’re serving on. Just like at the beginning of the day, making sure a campaign is running smoothly and effectively is our number one priority.

Every day as a digital media buyer is different than the last. I love the quick-paced strategy and optimization of our daily work that keeps me on my toes, and I love the steady fostering of the relationships I have with our clients as the months go by. Whatever the goal is, collaborating to keep ads competitive and excel campaign goals makes my job as a Jr. Digital and Social media buyer with Left Hand Agency incredibly fulfilling.


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