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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

April 25, 2021

Much to the dismay of those involved, the ability to differentiate Michigan State and the University of Michigan eludes this writer. However, it is clear that Michigan State is in Lansing, as is CHRIS HUSSEY, who has taken the Director of Promotions and Creative Services at Lansing’s WLNS, Nexstar’s CBS in the Michigan capital. At his very heart, Chris is a writer and all along his career path, writing has been his strength, whether as a freelancer or for a games company. Nice. On the TV marketing side of things, Chris has helmed the creative marketing at WNEM in Saginaw, KTVA in Anchorage and KWWL in Waterloo. He’ll be bringing his amazing writing and creative ideas to the new slot, and they’re lucky to have him. Well Dunne! Chris.

This post-Covid world has brought about new energy and new goals. LAUREN RIDGLEY, who many of you know as a former TV promo pro (think WISN in Milwaukee, KCNC in Denver, Seattle’s KIRO and Portland’s KOIN) has given new energy to her own ad agency. Named Left Hand Agency, she can do it all for anybody who needs excellent marketing and ad work. So definitely spread the word. Well Dunne! Lauren.

Think About This: “He who plants trees loves others besides himself.” ~ Thomas Fuller

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