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Free (or almost free) Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

It’s no secret that marketing teams are often stretched thin when it comes to people, resources, and budgets. 

And if you’re working for a nonprofit organization, that marketing team is likely stretched even thinner. 

Perhaps, it’s even a team of one!

In an effort to make marketing for a nonprofit a little bit easier and help save those precious dollars, we’ve compiled this list of helpful marketing tools that nonprofits can access for free - or almost free. 

Check it out!

Canva Pro:

This platform makes the creation of professional looking social media posts a breeze. Most options are paid and require a Pro subscription. However, non-profit organizations can apply for a free subscription and save nearly $200 a year! 


Google offers nonprofits up to $10k in free advertising per month using their paid search product. We recommend training on how to run paid search campaigns as the platform can be a bit cumbersome. Google also offers a special YouTube Nonprofit Program, as well as a free nonprofit subscription to Google Workspace.


This platform makes scheduling your posts on social easy so you can manage a content calendar more efficiently. They offer a 75% discount on their subscription and 50% off their academy. They also offer a lot of great blog posts on strategies specific to nonprofit organizations. 


Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that is a major fundraising tool for some organizations and offers 15% off for nonprofits.


A cloud-based platform that helps businesses with inbound marketing, sales, customer service, and operations, Hubspot offers 40% off their software for nonprofits. Hubspot can be pricey but can also manage your social media, email automation and as a CRM as you grow your donor base. 


You can get access to free and discounted Microsoft productivity tools including Teams and other popular apps.  


Need stock images for social or blog posts? Unsplash is a free for everyone stock image marketplace. The selection is limited and they often try to funnel you into their iStock product, which costs money. 


If a project management tool is on your list of needs, check out Monday for Nonprofits. Eligible organizations can get up to 10 free seats and a 70% discount for additional seats.


Approved nonprofits can be upgraded to Linktree Pro free, for life. All you need is an existing Linktree account and to fill out the application to determine if your organization is eligible.

Do you have other free marketing tools for nonprofits to share? Send them our way.

And, if you're a nonprofit (or any other business) looking for a marketing partner, drop us a line. We'd love to chat!

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