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TV Viewership Steadies

If you are working in advertising in the TV space (comprising broadcast, cable, OTT, CTV etc.) then you should familiarize yourself with It's a new(ish) measurement company that provides measurement solutions specifically for advertisers - focusing not just on impressions but whether customers are paying attention to the ads being served.

They also produce some helpful reports on overall advertising trends across video. Their Q3 report had some great highlights about TV viewership, specifically broadcast. The top line nugget is that broadcast viewership is returning to "normal" and advertisers are returning to broadcast. It's no big surprise that a big portion of this is credited to live TV including the Olympics, NFL, MLB & college football. But the networks are, in general, faring well. That's GREAT news for local news affiliates that rely on strong programming to bolster local brands. I'm loving that iSpot measures ad campaigns in total impressions - another company moving towards impression-based measurement and forcing Nielsen to expedite this process. (Despite their recent hiccups - Nielsen is still the juggernaut). I'm curious on a few things: 1. Why are automakers flooding the market with dollars when new car lots are practically empty? 2. Who knew ION was such a strong network? 3. Cruise lines have been hammering the US market lately - and apparently it's working. Are we worried? Surprised? I'm still terrified of Norovirus! 4. Anyone else find the Liberty Mutual Limu Emu spots weird and annoying? It took me way to long to understand that Limu is a nickname for the company. You can download the iSpot report here. - Lauren

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