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What We Love About The Trade Desk's New Platform Kokai

Earlier this month, The Trade Desk launched Kokai: an upgraded media-buying platform that uses artificial intelligence to drive better campaign performance.

The Trade Desk’s Founder and CEO Jeff Green has been very vocal about keeping The Trade Desk on the forefront of programmatic innovation across the open internet. He shared at the platform’s launch event that Kokai means “open waters” in Japanese, which is also slang for “open for business.”

Kokai is designed to help advertisers make better data-driven decisions.

Here are some new features to know about:

Retail Measurement Innovations

  • Kokai will feature free measurement data from Albertsons, Walgreens, and other retailers to help advertisers reach their target audience.

  • Advertisers will also be able to measure online and offline retail sales against retail ad spend within Kokai.

The TV Quality Index

  • This new tool will measure the quality of the ad experience that a viewer has across all streaming platforms and content. This ensures ads are hitting the most relevant inventory for the target audience.

The Quality Reach Index

  • This game-changing tool will help target the most relevant upper-funnel customer profiles to drive lower-funnel conversions.

New Table Design

  • Kokai will feature a new design based on the periodic table. Its purpose is to make the programmatic-buying experience more intuitive for the advertiser.

  • The elements will be arranged from left to right according to the impact they could have on a campaign’s performance to streamline an advertiser's priorities during optimization.

Partner Portal

  • The Partner Portal will help new partners integrate directly and seamlessly with The Trade Desk for access to all of the platform’s partners and services. Partners previously complained that there was a long wait time for approval.

So, what does this mean for our agency and our clients?

Kokai will help our media buyers find our clients’ perfect target audience more efficiently from these new AI-driven tools and partner data. It will also streamline our daily optimization processes, allowing us to focus on detailed strategies and analysis for our clients’ benefit. Most importantly, we’ll be able to put our clients’ money towards the people and the platforms that will make our campaigns even more effective and successful.

We are excited to put these new tools to work. Drop us a line if you'd like to see how we can implement them for you!

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