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The Top Super Bowl Ads of 2024 (according to us!)

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest events of the year.

Early estimates from Nielsen Media Research show that 120 million people tuned in to the Big Game.

Maybe you watched for Usher's halftime performance, or the star-studded commercials (which cost up to $7 million to air, by the way). Perhaps your goal was to catch a peek of Taylor Swift and other celebs at the game, or maybe you tuned in to watch the action on the field.

Regardless of why you watched, there's no question the Super Bowl provides a platform for brands to make an impact.

Here's a look at the ads that caught our attention here at Left Hand Agency. And here's a hint. One really stood out amongst our team!

BMW USA | Christopher Walken in "Talkin Like Walken" (ft. Usher)

Lexie Thomas, Social Media Lead: "This year, my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the BMW Christopher Walken ad. It reminded me of last year when his SNL Foo Fighter's pronunciation came back around as told by Dave Grohl. Hearing the imitations brought me back to seeing that interview, and made me laugh all over again. And rounding it out with Usher was clever and fun!" 

Microsoft Game Day Commercial | Copilot: Your everyday AI companion

Cole Osborne, Digital Media Buyer: "I appreciate the uplifting message that this ad has brought. It seems like many conversations express worry about the rise of AI and its impact on our daily lives, it is also a tool that can open up access to new opportunities and possibilities for people personally and professionally."

Verizon: Can't B Broken

Lyonel Nicholas, Digital Programmatic Co-Lead: "I love this commercial for many reasons but mainly because ... Beyonce. I also love the way that the commercial is a nod to all of the iterations of Beyonce and it ended with a tease if new music. Immediately following the commercial, Beyonce released two singles and announced her next album coming next month. Big night for Beyonce and I think football happened too."

“Michael CeraVe” I CeraVe Super Bowl

Maia Brusseau, Account Director: "The Michael CeraVe spot was a great spoof of ridiculous beauty ads that caught my attention during the game. What makes it stand out even more to me, is how it came to be. Apparently, it all started with a joke on TikTok from a random user a few months ago about Michael Cera being the real founder of CeraVe. The company jumped in on the joke with PR kits featuring Micheal Cera and fully committed to the bit. Fast forward, the punchline is a fun Super Bowl commercial. Great job by the CeraVe Marketing Team!"

Superior Beach | Michelob ULTRA

Lauren Ridgley, CEO: "My favorite ad was the one featuring Lionel Messi and Jason Sudeikis for Michelob Ultra. I am not even a soccer enthusiast but am a big fan of Ted Lasso and loved his side commentary. I thought the overall ad was memorable too, take me to that beach and get me a beer!" 

And, the winner is...

Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ ft Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe

This spot was the overwhelming favorite for the LHA team. Check out what they have to stay about this star-studded spot:

Carissa Polo, Content and Social Media Lead: "This was the first Super Bowl commercial from this year that I really laughed out loud at. Matt Damon's self-awareness brings a nice comedic relief to the whole awkward situation."

Stacy Woelber, Media Buyer: "The year there were a couple of the Super Bowl commercials that I liked, but I think Dunkin Donuts “The DunKings” was one of my favorites. When Ben Affleck and Matt Damon get together, you know it will be good. I think Matt Damon made the spot with his dry sense of humor; you could feel how embarrassed he was, and it and it cracked me up. I’m not sure there is anything that Matt Damon is in that is bad."

Ryan Pitz, CGO: "I was bummed at the mostly lame SB commercials this year.  However, The DunKings was my fav and was pretty funny."

Sarah Williams, COO: "My fave was the Dunkin' commercial with Ben, Jen and Matt.

Need I say more?!"

Let's hear what Super Bowl ads were your favorites!

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