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So, you're a Junior Digital Media Buyer. What does that mean?

It's a common question asked when people first meet or are making small talk.

"What do you do for a living?"

Well, if you work for our agency and reply with "I'm a Junior Digital Media Buyer," you'll likely get a blank stare and a follow-up question. "What does that mean?"

Yes, it's not uncommon for our team members to get questions about what the heck it is they do. We get it! Digital advertising is still relatively new, and many people don't understand what it means to work for a media buying agency.

Lexie Kolb, Jr. Digital Media Buyer for Left Hand Agency

Lexie Kolb walks you through a typical day (even though her days aren't all that typical!) as a Junior Digital Media Buyer for Left Hand Agency:

Start My Day Off Right:

I like to kickstart my weekdays with a 6 am workout class at my local Barre studio. This wonderful pre-work ritual gives me extra time in the morning to wake up, make some breakfast, and squeeze in anything I may want before my workday begins.

Once I log on, I check my email, begin my priorities list for the day, and touch base with my East and Central timezone teammates in case anything needs to be communicated within our campaigns and projects. Shortly after logging on, we have our daily company-wide call to review upcoming campaigns, client updates, media plans to be written, and general media planning. It is a great way to see each other’s faces as remote workers and connect about anything important.

Analyze Content, Campaigns, and More for Success:

A crucial part of the job as a digital media buyer, is keeping a close watch on all campaigns to ensure they are efficiently meeting their KPIs and are on track for the lifetime of the campaign. This includes ensuring client accounts are in good standing across all platforms, as well as brainstorming and implementing optimizations and budget management.

Platform Expertise:

With platforms constantly changing, each team member on the digital team keeps up closely with platform updates and changes that may need to be communicated team-wide. Through maintaining well-established connections with our platform representatives, we are on frequent calls to ensure when the latest updates occur, we are in the know and ready to pivot or tweak our strategies accordingly.

Responsive Communication with Clients:

To ensure that our clients can reach us when needed, responsive communication is a necessity. An important portion of the day is spent communicating closely with clients, whether that be planning for an upcoming launch, updates with campaign details, or general communication across our teams.

Wrapping Up the Day

As the only West Coast Jr. Digital Buyer on the team, I have a few hours at the end of my day for solo work time. I use this portion of my daily schedule to work on individual projects, conduct any necessary final check-ins on campaigns, and remain available for any client communication needed.


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