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AI Tools Every Advertiser Should Have in their Playbook

Ready or not, AI is becoming more prevalent in the advertising world and is only expected to grow.

If you’re not sure where to start honing your skill set, the best place to begin can be found by answering this question: who is my target audience and how do I reach them?

We've put together this list of helpful AI tools that can maximize your strategy and make audience testing more efficient. Because, let's be honest, what good is AI if it doesn't make our lives a little easier!

Photo by Mojahid Mottakin on Unsplash

Writing Copy

Writer’s block? No problem! AI content tools can help generate new creative ideas for your social media marketing campaigns. Chat GPT is a great platform to workshop inspiration. You can also whittle down any results by giving the AI Bot more specifications. The options are limitless, and you’ll be able to test this copy across different audiences for a range of results.

Lead Management and Follow-Up

With AI, optimizing your productivity has never been easier. Solutions like HubSpot’s ChatSpot allows advertisers to connect and automate tasks with chat commands. Instead of spending hours pulling CRM reports, forecasts, and prospective audiences, let the chat-bot do the tedious tasks for you.

Audience Segmentation

It’s important for advertisers to find patterns in audience behavior to make a better online experience. Earlier this year, we told you about The Trade Desk’s launch of Kokai, which spotlights several new features that include machine learning. These tools can use the data they have about a specific user to curate a unique ad experience. This relevant messaging results in higher engagement rates and conversions for a brand.

Here at Left Hand Agency, we buy directly through The Trade Desk and can work with you to put these new tools into action

The integration of AI into advertising might be intimidating, but offers a well-needed break in this fast-paced industry.

So sit back, relax, and let AI find your perfect audience for you.

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