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Updated: Oct 20, 2022


Morning Newscast – Larger Markets

“CBS4 Morning News”

KCNC-TV, Denver

Duncan J Shaw, Executive Producer

Alan D Singer, Producer

Lee T Hope, Director

Morning Newscast – Medium Markets

“FOX23 News Daybreak”

KOKI, Tulsa

Ron Terrell, Anchor

Ann Sterling, Anchor

Amanda Palumbo, Producer

Scott Levy, Executive Producer

Daytime Newscast – Larger Markets

“7NEWS Now”

KMGH, Denver

Donald Champion, Producer

Karna Smith, Newscast Director

Anne Trujillo, Anchor/Reporter

Mike Landess, News Anchor

Daytime Newscast – Medium Markets

“KAKE News at 4-Officer Down”

KAKE, Wichita

Dave Grant, News Director

Stephanie Diffin, Producer

Jeff Herndon, Anchor

Deb Farris, Anchor

Evening Newscast – Larger Markets

“KUSA Best Evening Newscast January 7, 2009”


Will Swope, 10pm News Producer

Jerry Vancini, Director

Evening Newscast – Medium Markets

“KAKE News at 10-Dr. Tiller Killed”

KAKE, Wichita

Dave Grant, News Director

Jessica Reber, Producer

Larry Hatteberg, Anchor

Susan Peters, Anchor

Ben Bradley, Assistant News Director

John Scheck, Director

General Assignment Report – Within 24 Hours

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Being There For Betty”

KUSA-TV, Denver

David W. Delozier, Reporter/Photographer


KUSA-TV, Denver

Chris Vanderveen, Reporter

Eric Kehe, Photojournalist

General Assignment Report – No Time Limit

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Dr. Rhodes”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Chris Vanderveen, Reporter

Anne Herbst, Photojournalist

“A Zoo Without Walls”

KDVR, Denver

Noah Skinner, Photographer

Breaking News

“Oklahoma Firestorm”

KOCO-TV, Oklahoma City

Patrick Spencer, Executive Producer

Stephanie Croswait, News Director

Spot News

“Boulder Wildfires: The Fires At Night”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Kyle Clark, Reporter

Tom Cole, Videographer

Continuing Coverage

“Ted Haggard ‘Uncovered'”

KRDO, Colorado Springs

Vida Urbonas, Reporter

S. Amanda Smith, Executive Producer

Isaac Blancas, Videographer

Investigative Report – Single Story

“33 Minutes to 34 Right”

KMGH, Denver

Tom Burke, Investigator

Tony Kovaleski, CALL7 Investigator

Arthur Kane, Investigator

Jason Foster, Photojournalist

Investigative Report – Series

“Foreclosure Woes”

KUSA, Denver

Jace Larson, Investigative Reporter

Anna Hewson, Investigative Photographer

Nicole Vap, Executive Producer

Feature News Report – Light Feature

“Where The Poop Goes”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Kyle Clark, Reporter

Anne Herbst, Photojournalist

Feature News Report – Light Series

“Prison Rodeo: Part I, II”

KTUL-TV, Tulsa

Robin Collett, Photojournalist

Burt Mummolo, Reporter

Arts/Entertainment Program/Special

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Dracula – The Radio Play”

KTWU, Topeka

Jim Kelly, Producer/Director

Valerie VanDerSluis, Producer

Phillip Grecian, Playwright

“Carl Sandburg – Prayers for the People”

NET Television, Lincoln

Sue Maryott, Producer/Director/Writer

Ralph Hammack, Editor

Werner Althaus, Audio Sweetening Engineer

Arts/Entertainment Program Feature/Segment

“Sundance Film Festival 2009”

Plum TV, Telluride

Justin Weihs, Editor/Camera

Christopher Hanson, Executive Producer

Jeb Berrier, Producer/Host

Business/Consumer – News Single Story

“Scamming the Scammer”

KWTV, Oklahoma City

Amanda Taylor, Reporter

Rich Kriegel, Photojournalist

Courtney Clevenger, Producer

Business/Consumer – Program/Special

“Beating the Recession Special”

KCNC-TV, Denver

Karen Leigh, Host

Sarah Dunlap Burke, Producer

Children/Youth/Teen Program/Special

“Gallery: The Making of Sunspots”

OETA the Oklahoma Network, Oklahoma City

David Tamez, Program Producer

Politics/Government – News Single Story


“Bl**ping Mad”

KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs

Marshall Zelinger, Reporter

Isaac Blancas, Photojournalist

“Tofu License Plate”

KCNC-TV, Denver

Raj Chohan, Reporter

“Voter Turnout Dead: No Votes Cast at Cemetery Precinct”

KWTV, Oklahoma City

Gan Matthews, Reporter

Chris Newsome, Photojournalist

Politics/Government – Program/Special

“Health Care Town Hall”

KUSA, Denver

Adam Schrager, Producer/Host

Jerry Vancini, Director/Producer

Christy Tetzler, Producer

Weather Program/Special

“Spangler Science and Weather at Coors Field”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Steve Spangler, Host

Colleen Locke, Producer

Bradley Mayhew, Editor

Weather Program Feature/Segment

“Wild Weather Experience”

KCNC-TV, Denver

Jennifer Zeppelin, Meteorologist

Dave Aguilera, Meteorologist

Specialty Assignment Report – Single Story

“Angel DeHerrera”

KMGH, Denver

John Ferrugia, CALL7 Investigator

Specialty Assignment Report – Series

“Destiny Lewis”

KMGH, Denver

John Ferrugia, CALL7 Investigator

Sports – News Feature

“Disabled Athletes Show Courage, Compassion at Endeavor Games”

KWTV, Oklahoma City

Toby Rowland, Sports Reporter

Dave Valega, Photojournalist

Sports – Program Series

“Rockies All Access”

FSN Rocky Mountain, Denver

Ryan Morrison, Producer

Clay Pahlau, Coordinating Producer

Justin Argo, Editor

Sports – One-Time Special

“We Are Columbine”

FSN Rocky Mountain, Denver

Tavis D. Strand, Producer

Krista Kibel, Producer

Charlie Felix, Photographer

Ryan Morrison, Photographer

Craig Vanden Heuvel, Photographer

Live Coverage – Sports or Event

“OKC Thunder at LA Lakers Live Game Broadcast”

Thunder Broadcasting, Oklahoma City

Ken Adelson, Executive Producer

Eric Date, Director

Robert (Sarge) Eaton, EVS Operator

Robert Hedrick, Production Manager

Shauna Hawthorne, Production Coordinator

Documentary – Cultural

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“An Inaugural to Freedom”

University of Nebraska at Omaha Dept. of Black Studies, Omaha

Dr. Omowale Akintunde, Director/Producer

“Mortal Lessons”

University of Colorado, Denver

David Liban, Producer/Director/Editor

Documentary – Historical

“Death of the Old West”

DustBowl Films, Ada, Oklahoma

Will Boggs, Co-Producer

David Hathcoat, Executive Producer

Mark Bratcher, Co-Producer

Documentary – Topical

“Final Edition”

Rocky Mountain News, Denver

Matthew Roberts, Producer

Sonya Doctorian, Assistant Producer

Joe Mahoney, Assistant Producer

John Temple, Project Editor

Janet Reeves, Project Editor

Wes Pope, Videographer

Jim Trotter, Project Editor

Laressa Bachelor, Videographer

Historical/Cultural Program Feature/Segment

“Sunflower Journeys: The Bloody Benders”

KTWU, Topeka

Jim Kelly, Producer

Interview/Discussion Program/Special

“Colorado Inside Out Circa 1959”

KBDI-TV Colorado Public Television, Denver

Dominic Dezzutti, Producer

Larry Patchett, Producer

Magazine Program/Special

“Road Games”

FSN Rocky Mountain, Denver

Ryan Morrison, Producer

Clay Pahlau, Coordinating Producer

Alanna Rizzo, Host

Magazine Program Feature/Segment

“Tom On The Town”

FSN Rocky Mountain, Denver

Tavis D. Strand, Producer

Thomas Helmer, Host

Charlie Felix, Photographer

Informational/Instructional Program/Special

“Getting to School Safely”

McCoy Video Productions, Denver

Janice McCoy, Producer/Writer

Stephen Finley, Executive Producer

Brandon Gaschler, Motion Graphics Design

David Bowden, Photographer

Informational/Instructional Feature/Segment

“Pizza Day – A Win-Win For Everybody”

Takeda Entertainment, Inc., Denver

Scott Takeda, Director/Writer

Daniel Dvorak, Director of Photography

Brock Sherman, Art Director

Tami Anderson, Senior Producer

Erin Johnson, Creative Director

Public/Current/Community Affairs Program/Special

“Childhood Poverty in Colorado”

The Denver Post, Denver

Tim Rasmussen, Producer, Editor

Meghan Lyden, Producer, Story Editor, Programmer

Eric Lutzens, Photojournalist, Reporter, Videographer

Public/Current/Community Affairs Feature/Segment

“Plains People: Joe White”

KTWU, Topeka

John Njagi, Producer/Director

Community/Public Service (PSA) – Single Spot


18th Judicial District, State of Colorado and The Network DC, Denver

Joy Parrish, Producer

Jim Kellett, Director

Gene Park, Videographer

Michael McIntyre, Editor

David Schler, Executive Producer

Community/Public Service (PSA) – Campaign

“Coats For Colorado – Hanging Around”

KMGH-TV, Denver

Marvin K. Gill, Producer

News Promotion – Single Spot

“Crazy Castle Guy”


Jeff Parden, Producer/Editor

News Promotion – Single Spot/Same Day

“Stacey Mendieta”

CBS4, Denver

J. Clay Bixel, Producer/Editor

News Promotion – Campaign

“Join The Conversation: Weather”

CBS4, Denver

Jillian Oppegard, Editor

Michael J. Robert, Director

Michael Meyer, Designer & Animator

Ed Cushing, Creative Services Director

News Promotion – Image

“Ed Greene: Weather Skypers”

CBS4, Denver

Jillian Oppegard, Producer

Michael J. Robert, Editor

Doug Pribble, Photographer

Ed Cushing, Writer

Program Promotion – Single Spot

“Bones and Coldcase Promo”

KWGN, Denver

Kevin Andrews, Producer

Joe Panepinto, Graphic Designer

Program Promotion – Campaign

“The Networks of 9NEWS”

KUSA, Denver

Andy Schaeffer, Photographer

Steve Carter, Writer, EP

Tommy Collier, Graphic Artist

Sports Promotion

“Broncos: Join The Conversation”

CBS4, Denver

Lauren Ridgley, Producer

Ed Cushing, Creative Services Director

Judson Luyties, Photographer

Michael Meyer, Designer/Animator

Jim Hayek, Art Director

Station Image Promotion

“Keep it Real/Styrofoam Roadshow”

Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver

Scott Darnell, Writer/Producer/Director

Janine White, Videographer

Daniel Mercure, Editor

Tom Manion, Graphics

Commercial – Single Spot

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Super Roll XLIII”

Grey/Frontier Airlines, New York

Gary Ennis, VP Creative Director/Art Director

Lori Bullock, Producer

Shawn Couzens, Director/CD/Copywriter

Neil Miller, Editor

Diane Willmann, Advertising Manager

“Genghis Khan”

Impossible, Denver

Joel Pilger, Creative Director

Station Excellence

“9NEWS: Colorado’s News Leader”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Patti Dennis, News Director

Mark Cornetta, Station Manager

News Excellence

“9NEWS: Colorado’s News Leader”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Patti Dennis, News Director

Community Service

“9NEWS: Hero Central”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Patti Dennis, News Director

Journalistic Enterprise

“Deborah Sherman, Investigative Reporter”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Deborah Sherman, Investigative Reporter


“It’s Your Ideas & Questions that lead to YOUR SHOW!”

KUSA, Denver

Christy Tetzler, Producer

Adam Schrager, Producer

Geoff Sawtell, Associate Producer

Jim Pedersen, Associate Producer

Musical Composition/Arrangement

“Through The Desert Goes Our Journey”

Agile Arts Productions, Herndon, VA

Walter Ratliff, Director-Research

William Eash, Choir Director

Daniel Graber, Arrangement, Choir Conductor

Andrew Gingerich, Guitar Soloist


“Colorado Avalanche Hockey”

Altitude Sports & Entertainment, Denver

Jim Cremmins, Director

Program Editor

“Christi Mitchell Program Editor Composite”

OETA the Oklahoma Network, Oklahoma City

Christi Mitchell, Program Editor

News Editor – Within 24 Hours

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Taylor’s Composite”

KWCH, Wichita

George Taylor, Editor

“Pigeons in Backpacks and Other Fun Stuff: Anne Herbst’s Editing Compilation”

KUSA, Denver

Anne Herbst, Editor

News Editor – No Time Limit


KCEC-TV, Denver

Carlos Rausseo, Editor

Sports Editor

“Brian Olson Sports Editing 2009”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Brian Olson, Editor

Short Form Editor

“Chicken Salad”

KMGH-TV, Denver

Marvin K. Gill, Editor

Program Graphics

“Programming Graphics”

The MountainWest Sports Network, Denver

Steve Symkoviak, Creative Director

Jason Abell, Senior Designer/Animator

Bryan Davis, Graphic Designer

Graphics: News & Short Turnaround

“G3 Composite”

Gannett Graphics Group, Denver

Jason Hirsch, Design Director

Jessie Eck, Graphic Production Artist

Tommy Collier, Graphic Production Artist

David Fitzhugh, Graphic Production Artist


“Tacos For Touchdowns”

CBS4, Denver

Judson Luyties, Lighting

Doug Pribble, Lighting

Anchor – News

“Freshman Year”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Kyle Clark, Anchor

Anchor – Weather

“Ed Greene”

KCNC-TV, Denver

Ed Greene, Weathercaster

Anchor – Sports

“Vic Lombardi”

KCNC-TV, Denver

Vic Lombardi, Sports Anchor


*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Ski Families”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Nelson Garcia, Reporter

“The Written Ward”

KKTV, Colorado Springs

Don Ward, Writer/Commentator


“Full Circle”

KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs

Vida Urbonas, Narrator

Program Host/Moderator

*** TWO AWARDS ***

“Adam Schrager Program Host Composite”

KUSA, Denver

Adam Schrager, Program Host

“Gerry Bonds, Program Host”

OETA the Oklahoma Network, Oklahoma City

Gerry Bonds, Program Host

Reporter – Live

“Days Of Marshall’s Lives II”

KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs

Marshall Zelinger, Reporter

Program Photographer

“Vail: Visual Storytelling”

Plum TV, Vail

Kevin Heinz, Photographer

News Photographer

“Corky Scholl Photography Composite”

KUSA, Denver

Corky Scholl, Photojournalist

Sports Photographer

“Brian Olson Sports Photography 2009”

KUSA-TV, Denver

Brian Olson, Photojournalist

Writer – Program

“33 Minutes to 34 Right”

KMGH, Denver

Tony Kovaleski, Writer

Writer – News

“Pedro Calderon Michel’s Writing Style”

Univision Colorado, Denver

Pedro Calderon Michel, Writer

News Producer

“Natalie Hughes Composite”

KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City

Natalie Hughes, Producer

Student Achievement

“Colorado Ballet”

The Art Institute of Colorado, Denver

Don Dexter, Ph.D., Faculty Advisor

Jeb Brant, Videographer/Editor

Kat Michels, Writer/Coordinating Producer/Editor

Mattea Wellnitz, Videographer

Daniel Hunt, Data Transfer

Megan Brennan, Production Assistant

Adam Vogel, Production Assistant

Bob Studinger, Composer

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