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A Day in the Life of a Digital Programmatic Media Buyer

Our team members constantly get questions about what the heck it is they do. We get it! Digital advertising is still relatively new, and many people don't understand what it means to work for a media buying agency.

In this blog post, Lyonel Nicholas, one of our Jr. Digital Media Buyers, walks you through what he does and what typical day looks like in his role:

As a Jr. Digital Media Buyer (Programmatic Co-Lead), my days are filled with constant communication, analysis, and strategizing to make sure the client’s digital advertising campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently. While there are many of us on the team with the same job title, our day-to-days can look pretty different.

Lyonel Nicholas, Left Hand Agency's Programmatic Co-Lead

Here’s a glimpse into a typical day in my life:

Morning Routine

To start the day off right, I usually wake up at 6:00am and head to the gym. This helps me to clear my mind, focus on my goals, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I find that starting my day with a workout helps me to be more productive and energized throughout the day. Before sitting down at my desk, I like to grab a cup of coffee and make an outline for the day which consists of tasks I need to start and complete. I then start my workday by checking emails and reviewing any client requests that may have come in overnight.

Campaign Pulse Check

As a digital media buyer, it is imperative that I constantly check in and optimize campaigns that are up and running. This process specifically requires a check in on where the ads are being served. This involves monitoring ad placements, bidding on ad inventory, and optimizing campaigns for maximum efficiency.

Digital Team Roundup

As part of a digital team, it’s important to stay in sync with other team members and ensure that everyone is on the same page. This involves daily team meetings where we discuss ongoing campaigns, upcoming projects, and brainstorm new ideas. We also use this time to share best practices and strategies for optimizing campaigns.

Professional Development

To stay ahead in the industry, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. This is why I try to spend some time during the day reading industry blogs and attending webinars. This helps me learn new skills, network with other professionals, and stay ahead of the competition.

Wrap Up

As the workday comes to an end, I take time to review my progress and prepare for the next day. This includes setting priorities, updating my to-do list, and reviewing any outstanding tasks that need to be completed.

As a digital media buyer, every day is different, but one thing remains constant: the need to stay on top of trends and adapt to new challenges. By staying disciplined, organized, and proactive, I am able to deliver results for the clients and grow my own expertise in this exciting and dynamic field.


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