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Q&A with Junior Digital Media Buyer Lexie Kolb

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

We are more than a group of advertising and marketing pros. The individuals that make up this motley crew of creative souls, retail fanatics, graphic design virtuosos and media buying wizards are an advertising dream team. (It's possible we are a little bit biased.)

You already know we are experts at our jobs, so we thought we'd help you get to know the Left Hand Agency team by asking them random questions that have (mostly) nothing to do with our work. Meet another talented Junior Digital Media Buyer on our team: Lexie Kolb. Lexie is a fun and energetic soul who is well traveled and enjoys the little things in life. Favorite quote and/or quotable artist? What is meant for me will come to me. If you had one month to go live in one foreign country - where would you go and why? Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is one of those places that is always in the back of my mind when I think of being at peace. What is the best advice you have ever received? The best moments you’ll ever have in your life are the simplest. Favorite TV show or movie of all time? I love so many, but The Office and SNL keep me coming back year after year. Favorite social platform and why? TikTok! I am constantly blown away by the power TikTok holds. It's my #1 distraction in my free time, but also the platform that has connected me to the most up-to-date news, advice, opportunities, and inspiration! I downloaded it ironically in 2019 and here we are. What is the most important decision in your life to date? Moving away from home before deciding to come back to Oregon. It gave me the opportunity to experience new people/places, and gave me a better understanding of what I value in my life. Which is ultimately being near the people I love. I appreciate being able to call up friends or family and spend time with them whenever I want again. What are you watching, reading or listening to…would you recommend it? Loving the Huberman Lab podcast! Host Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist at Stanford School of Medicine and breaks down the science behind so many of our behaviors. Optimizing sleep, focus, habits, mood, and more. Not a dull moment in his episodes, I am excited every time I listen. Favorite left-handed celebrity and why? Three way tie between Lady Gaga, Oprah, and Jerry Seinfeld. Both women are inspirations in their own way, and Jerry Seinfeld for when I need a good laugh.

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