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Heavy Streaming Consumption Benefits Advertisers

Our relationship with television is always evolving, with the biggest change being the major shift towards streaming in recent years. In their 2023 Annual Marketing Report, Nielsen found that Americans watched 19 million years worth of streaming content in 2022.

Whew! That is a TON of content!

Let's take a look at some key insights from the report that advertisers will want to know about.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Now is a great time to invest in OTT advertising.

Despite economic uncertainty, global ad budgets are leaning into Connected TV (CTV) and Over the Top (OTT).

Specifically, Nielsen says there will be at least a 5% increase in OTT and CTV advertising budgets. “The increased spend across online video reflects audiences’ shift to streaming in particular.” Nielsen also warns that under-spending in these areas could suppress your ROI for the future.

Here at Left Hand Agency, we can help your business figure out the best ways to utilize your advertising budget.

Omni-channel measurement is imperative to a successful campaign.

It’s time for our industry to reimagine the way we measure digital marketing success. We believe that a multi-platform approach to a digital campaign yields better results.

Nielsen’s report says 62% of marketers use multiple measurement solutions to arrive at cross-media measurement. Our media buyers at Left Hand Agency use multiple tools to help track the entire conversion process from beginning to end, so you’ll always be able to track each unique customer journey, no matter your goal.

Effective reach depends on quality audience data.

Let’s face it: a campaign’s success depends on who is targeted. In the report, Nielsen says “ads that best reached their intended audience generated significantly higher ROI than those that didn’t.”

Our media buyers curate bespoke target audiences for each advertiser. Using our partnerships, as well as first-party data, we are able to analyze all the best opportunities on a granular level to find your perfect customer.

Overall, Nielsen’s 2023 Annual Marketing Report shows so many opportunities for growth for all businesses in the digital space. Our team is ready to use our skills to help tackle all of these new challenges and changes.

Feel free to send us a message to learn how we can use these key takeaways to help your business goals!

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