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Happy National Programmatic Advertising Day!

Yes, there is a holiday for everything, and today we are celebrating one that was made for people like us! In 2019, a digital advertising company registered November 7 as “National Programmatic Advertising Day.

Because we are shameless self-promoters we’ve jumped on this bandwagon to help celebrate our team of buyers and our love of programmatic advertising.

But what, you ask, is programmatic advertising?

I'm so glad you asked!

Programmatic advertising is among the most complicated ways of media buying. When it first came about, I sat through several seminars and webinars where marketing professionals attempted (and failed) to distill the basics.

I will try to do better.

By definition, programmatic advertising is any form of digital advertising that uses computer software to deliver ads to a pre-defined audience. Ad formats can include display ads, online video, OTT, CTV, native advertising, podcasts, streaming audio, and even out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

It can be complicated due to how the system of buying works “underneath the hood.” Much like a car's engine, no other form of advertising has so many tiny, yet incredibly important pieces and parts working to make it run. These parts can include publishers, supply side vendors, demand side vendors, attribution vendors, data providers, fraud filtering vendors, ad serving vendors, programmatic buyers, and more!

Great programmatic buyers have a strong understanding of how all the parts interact and what levers to pull for each advertiser. For example, not every campaign needs an attribution partner, or ad-serving technology.

Our programmatic buyers love rolling up their sleeves to create the best possible plan for each of our clients. I’m so proud to work with such smart and dedicated colleagues - so on this National Programmatic Day I salute our talented team!

If you want to work with the best and brightest to achieve great results - drop us a line!

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