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Happy Fun At Work Day!

We believe that happy employees make happy clients. It's vital to us that our team members find satisfaction in their work, can rely on their teammates and feel like their managers have their backs.

Because we are a fully remote workplace, the chance for "fun" has to be more intentional but not feel forced. It's tough! Here are a few things we've done to create fun moments for our team.

Ice-Breakers: A few times a week, we have ice breaker questions on our morning calls and go round robin. Every week a different person is in charge of the questions. These help our days start off with a relaxed tone and allow us all to learn more about each other, like the story about the last picture on our phones or what household task we think should be an Olympic sport.

Happy Hours: Our Media Coordinator Shikha Patel regularly hosts virtual happy hours with the team so they can bond despite being spread across the country. Sometimes these happy hours are attended by managers, but we also strategically don't attend some so our team can have their own time together.

Work Retreat: Once a year we get together in the same city for training, team building and just hanging out. Our upcoming meeting is in March and we are so excited to get in-person quality time with each other. Check out a recap from last year’s meeting in Dallas!

Virtual Games: A few months back, we hosted a cyber-game hosted by a villain who "broke into" Left Hand Agency and took our team on a secret mission. Lots of collaboration to solve puzzles and it was a pretty great break from the day to day work.

We are a young agency and always looking for more opportunities to create meaningful fun moments. We'd love to hear your suggestions of how to bring fun into the workplace, especially for a fully remote team!

- L

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