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Friends Who Inspire Us

Have you ever worked with someone who inspires you? Someone who is doing great things to make our world a better place?

In this case, that “someone” is actually an organization. Friends of Alta, a nonprofit based in Utah whose mission is to protect and preserve Alta’s unique environment,

heritage, and character. And, we are proud to be working with this inspiring organization!

Here's what led to our partnership:

The Problem:

Located about 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City, Alta is a beautiful mountain town nestled in Little Cottonwood Canyon, an area known for year-round outdoor recreation opportunities like skiing, hiking, bird-watching, and wildlife viewing, just to name a few! With more people living, working, and playing in the surrounding areas, canyon road congestion has become a hot topic for residents.

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) identified two preferred alternatives to improve transportation in the canyon. Both have price tags of more than $500 million and could permanently alter the landscape of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Concerned about the available options, Friends of Alta wanted to reach UDOT workers and Utah lawmakers to convince them to consider other solutions for canyon congestion. They also hoped to sway public opinion toward alternative options and encourage residents to put pressure on UDOT to create a revised, more environmentally friendly and less costly alternative.

The Solution:

Left Hand Agency was tapped to work with Friends of Alta to produce creative assets and create a plan to reach those specific audiences.

We developed a multi-platform digital strategy with the goal of reaching those niche audiences, as well as the general public. The media mix included Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, and tactics included display ads, geofenced display ads, and sponsored messages from the Executive Director.

The Result:

A portion of the Friends of Alta campaign is currently running, but so far we have seen click through rates that are well above the established benchmarks. This tells us that the defined target audiences are interested in the important message Friends of Alta is sharing.

And, while it remains to be seen what will happen with Little Cottonwood Canyon, we continue to be inspired by the good work Friends of Alta is doing to protect the pristine land they call home.

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