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Data: The Secret Profit Center

Last week a friend forwarded me this article about Vizio's earnings - the majority of which are from data not devices. This goes in line with my prior post about Amazon getting into the TV making game.

(Photo Credit: Vizio)

With 3rd party cookies going away in the future - many companies are sitting on a goldmine of first party data they can sell at a premium. It's why Amazon's DSP has proprietary data that can only be used on their platform, same for Roku's OneView. Individual TV manufacturers who have gotten in on this action don't have enough data to make it scale - but if they partner with existing data companies like InScape they can consolidate data across sources to make it really valuable.

Then people like me come along and use it to develop more relevant audiences for my clients. And we pay big bucks to use this data because ultimately it reduces wasted advertising dollars. The data being collected is called ACR data and it's the future of OTT and all addressable TV advertising. If you want a better understanding of ACR data check out my prior blog post. ACR is still very much a new player in the data realm and I have not been able to leverage it by itself at the DMA level - yet - but the day will be coming soon!

P.S. If you want to check out a REALLY cool dashboard - look at Inscape's live data stream! You can see what people are watching across time zones in real time.

- Lauren

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