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A Bold Ad Campaign for a Bold New Brand

We get to work on a lot of cool projects with our clients. 

It’s not often, though, that a client’s project includes a move to a newly constructed facility, new graphics, new set, and a whole new brand. 


That was the project our client Danielle Reeves from KMOV-TV was tasked with for most of 2023. She tapped our agency to help build a bold advertising strategy and campaign to support their creative for their new First Alert 4 brand. 

Reeves tasked us with ensuring the brand launch could not be missed. And, we think that mission was accomplished!

If you’re in the St. Louis area, you won’t be able to avoid seeing the bold, fresh First Alert 4 creative.

You’ll catch it on billboards, cable, OTT, and YouTube, and some not-so-typical spots like Schnucks grocery stores, the DMV and a local recreation complex. 

First Alert 4 Marketing and Creative Director Danielle Reeves

Media buying can be fun and challenging, check out our “elephant board” saga earlier this year, but always satisfying. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching unconventional advertising mediums to really make their brand shine. 

Congrats to Danielle and her incredible team for their successful launch of First Alert 4!

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