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Welcome to Left Hand Agency

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

We recently launched our new site and we are thrilled you "stumbled upon" our new page. If you are not familiar with Left Hand we'd love to chat with you and tell you what our agency is all about. But if you don't have time for a call -- we'll just lay it out. Most full-service creative agencies have a large staff with fancy offices in a big city. If you are envisioning exposed timber beams, ping-pong table break rooms and kombucha on-tap - you're not far off! But all that "ooh-lah-lah" comes with a cost... to clients. The agency mark-up on creative work and media buys can be considerable! Additionally, these large agencies have silos between teams that are inefficient. The creative team may not know what the account executive is promising the client. The media buying team may be stuck with creative that doesn't work well with their plans. All that to say - Left Hand is NOT a fancy agency and we're JUST fine with that. We've been creative producers, digital media traders and media buyers -- not to mention small-business owners! Our holistic marketing approach means we create campaigns that take the medium and the message into account all at once. We also shepherd your marketing dollars with extreme care - we understand how a significant investment can make stakeholders anxious. We treat your money like it's our own. Another huge benefit of working with Left Hand is that we scale up as needed. We have a long roster of talented people who work with us on a per-project basis. Similar to us, our freelance talent are people who left big agencies to work for themselves or retired from a long agency career. They get to do the work they love without the agency grind! If we haven't convinced you yet, let's hop on a discovery call so we can tell you more about what makes us tick!

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