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Left Hand is a Certified Google Partner!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

In March, Left Hand Agency was elevated to Google Partner status, a major milestone and a proud achievement for a young agency. Our team worked hard to achieve this goal, earning certifications in Google products across paid search, display, video and shopping advertising. These certifications involve coursework, exams and require a strong working knowledge of Google's advertising suite.

However, becoming a Google partner requires more than tests and certifications. To qualify for the partner program, an agency has to meet a minimum spend requirement and demonstrate a consistent proficiency in Google's products through ongoing campaign optimizations. What this means for our clients: when we buy digital ads - we don't set it and forget it.

We are thrilled to have this designation, but truthfully, certifications and badges only tell part of the story. Partner status means our buyers know how to use the products well; but the true strength of any marketing team is its ability to generate and execute strategic recommendations. That's where Left Hand Agency shines.

As an example, when our client Potted In Portland wanted to grow its corporate business by getting in front of more prospects, our team devised a paid search strategy that reached customers actively seeking the services Potted In Portland offers. We also wrote compelling ad copy that aligned with the customer's intent, so only those who were truly in-market would click. Our client has seen tremendous growth and directly credits our strategy for many new high-profile clients.

We put this level of care and consideration into every client we work with! Our Google Partner status is an exciting badge of honor, but it's how we use that knowledge that really sets this team apart.

Drop us a line to learn how our Google Certified team can help your business grow ... or if you just want to geek out with us on all things digital advertising!

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