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Great Creative Meets the Right Channel

Updated: May 8, 2023

Much to the chagrin of my husband I often force him to:

  • Rewind a show to watch a great ad

  • Stop so I can take a photo of a cool billboard

  • Screen shot a kick ass social ad

You get the picture.

Oh, I do this with bad creative too.

One night, we were watching Hulu and I paused the TV to change the laundry and up popped this brilliant ad for Jif peanut butter.

It's one of these situations where great creative meets a the perfect ad unit. Kind of like when peanut butter meets jelly!

Without the pause function, this ad would fall flat. Without the great copy it would be boring. The creative team behind this ad took the context and ad channel into account BEFORE they began brainstorming.

Too often, you see agencies full of outstanding creative people who don't know enough about the context or capabilities of their ad environment before they embark on campaign creation.

For example, geofencing is a popular digital tactic typically used for local businesses and franchises to drive foot traffic. It can even deliver an ad for a store WHILE YOU ARE IN THE STORE.

But, what if the creative teams went one step further? What if they ran ads that targeted parents in various school districts with a back-to-school countdown and a coupon for back-to-school gear?

My point is, brilliant creative can be made if the team thinks about the end delivery before they even begin brainstorming! It's not cart before horse, too often the horse and the cart aren't in the same town.

I think every creative team should have a savvy media buyer on board to help them understand the ad environment and format, before they start working on creative.

As the Jif ads show, that process can lead to outstanding results.

KUDOS to the team who created this ad for Jif!


P.S. Hulu has some pretty unique ad options beyond their traditional ad units - some of them are interactive! If you are interested in learning more drop us a line.

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