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Meet Junior Digital Media Buyer Beth Lopez

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

We are more than a group of advertising and marketing pros. The individuals that make up this motley crew of creative souls, retail fanatics, graphic design virtuosos and media buying wizards are an advertising dream team. (It's possible we are a little bit biased.)

You already know we are experts at our jobs, so we thought we'd help you get to know the Left Hand Agency team by asking them random questions that have (mostly) nothing to do with our work.

Meet Beth Lopez. This Junior digital media buyer and reality TV binge-watcher brings enthusiasm to Left Hand Agency with her fun personality.

What is one thing guaranteed to make you smile?

My nephew—he’s almost 3 and is SO much fun!!

If you had one month to go live in one foreign country - where would you go and why?

I’d go to Italy. It’s one country I didn’t visit, but wanted to see when I studied abroad in Spain. I’d split my time between relaxing on the coast and exploring the cities.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Approach every situation with curiosity and always look for the best in people.

Favorite social platform and why?

Tiktok! I love sharing my favorite funny finds of the day with my friends.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza. You can totally mix it up! I never get tired of pizza.

Favorite marketing or ad campaign, or commercial?

Nike’s Dream Crazy campaign

What is the most important decision in your life to date?

Moving back to Oregon after graduating from college. It’s so special being near all my friends and family.

Favorite left-handed celebrity and why?

Oprah Winfrey—what an incredible and inspiring woman!

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