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Connected TV's Advertising Explosion

If you follow the Connected TV space closely you'll know that the biggest differentiator in any vendor is their data. And no Connected TV data is more valuable than ACR data. Roku has the biggest share but Vizio is quickly becoming a big player. The company has closed their upfront with a fourfold growth from last year and I think their $100 million commitment from advertisers will only grow in 2022.

Proprietary data sources are quickly making Connected TV a fragmented space. Where cable has fragmented viewership across channels, Connected TV has fragmented ACR data across device manufacturers. In the near future agencies are going to have to buy Connected TV across vendors in order to achieve any scale leveraging ACR data.

All this means advertisers need a skilled digital buyer to help them more than ever. If you want a better understanding of ACR data you can check out my blog post from May.

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